• Spinal and peripheral joint osteoarthritis, i.e. sciatica, lumbago & stenosis.
  • Joint, ligament and muscle/tendon sprains & strains, eg. tendonitis/bursitis.
  • Spinal postural abnormalities & dysfunction, i.e. scoliosis, kyphosis.
  • Repetitive/ overuse strain injuries from work, home or sport.
  • Post operative rehabilitation following orthopedic, vascular, cardiac, neurological or pulmonary surgery.
  • Rehabilitation for debility following a hospital or other in-patient admission.
  • Post Fracture or total joint replacement rehabilitation.
  • Rehabilitation post stroke/cerebral vascular accident (CVA).
  • Ataxia (balance problems) following neurological pathology, i.e. Parkinson's.
  • Endurance, fitness, conditioning and wellness programs.
  • Post injuries, i.e. whiplash, herniated disc, etc...
  • Headaches and other pains from neuro-musculoskeletal causes.

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